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If you have any problem with Hubspot Data & Content Backup, please read this page first. If your issue is not described here or you need some other help, please send an email to Describe your problem in detail, so I can give you better help!

Is it safe?

API key gives access to lot of valuable data and you may wonder if using my program is safe. In short - it is completely safe. API key is not stored anywhere, once the program finishes it turns off and forgets it. There is no analytics implemented, so no data goes out to any server. All communication happens directly between your computer and Hubspot API.

You can inspect source code and build your own executables from Git repository:

Error: 403 Forbidden This hapikey (xxx) does not have proper permissions! (requires any of [xxx])

Hubspot backup tries to download everything possible from Hubspot systems, no matter your Hubspot subscription plan. If you don’t have access to a feature (ex. you are on Pro plan and program tries to backup feature from Enterprise plan), this error will happen.

After letting you know, program will continue backing up other parts.

“Please enter Hubspot API key”

This app needs Hubspot API key to work. Learn how to get your API key here: After obtaining API key, you can just copy and paste it into program window when being asked.

How to run backups without entering API key everytime?

Saving API key for program to reuse it automatically is big security risk and entering API key everytime is made intentional.

However, if you are technical person and you take care of your own security, you can launch backup from command line with flag hapikey followed by your API key (ex. ./hubspot-backup -hapikey xxx). Additionally, if HAPIKEY environment variable is present, program will use it when no API key has been provided during launch.

Where is my backup saved?

Files are saved in location where program was launched within folder “hubspot-backup” and subfolder with current date.

For example, if you have program saved in “C:/Downloads/hubspot-backup.exe”, your today’s backup will be in “C:/Downloads/hubspot-backup//”

“HubspotBackup-mac” cannot be opened because it is from an unidentified developer.

See this article: