Hubspot Data & Content Backup

Quickly backup everything from your Hubspot account to hard drive for free

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Backs up:

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Backup everything from the list above

Doesn't matter if your Hubspot account is small or big - this app can handle everything.

Raw data backup

Creates raw files containing JSON response from Hubspot API. In layman terms, this format is good for machines, but not for humans.

Requires developer help to restore data from backup

Since backup is made mainly for machines, you will need somebody who can speak to machines to restore data from backup.

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More features coming soon

Even more things backed up

Every feature in Hubspot will be backed up eventually.

Human readable backup

Files are saved as human readable CSV (Excel files).

Downloading files

Every file you have ever uploaded to Hubspot will be backed up.

Backup blogposts with images

Blogposts will be saved along with all images and files attached to them.

Restore backup automatically

Easily restore data without developer help.

Developer friendly

Single executable. Fully automated backup with CLI. Works without user interaction, so you can schedule backups with cron.

Selective backup

Choose which parts of your system you want backed up.

Backup custom properties

Automatically detect and backup custom properties for every type of data

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